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Monthly meetings are held in a private room of a local restaurant. Attendees bring forth matters of concerns and issues that may impact its members. Important articles and other relevant materials are distributed to members.

During the meetings, information on pending legislation is discussed. Members are briefed on matters discussed at quarterly PILB board meetings such as new license applicants, disciplinary actions and proposed changes in PILB procedures.

Often, there are guest speakers at these meetings and include experts from law enforcement and gaming, in addition to elected officials, technology professionals, members of the Private Investigators Licensing Board and more.

Membership Options

Active Membership:
Any Qualified Manager licensed by the State of Nevada to practice Private Investigations shall be eligible for active membership. The membership is taken as an individual and is not transferable. Active Members shall have the right to vote and hold office. Non-resident members may not hold office.

Associate Membership:
Any individual who resides, or whose principal place of business is outside the state of Nevada who is qualified under the respective laws or regulations to operate as a Private Investigator shall be eligible for associate membership. Associate members shall have the right to vote. Associates members may not hold office.

Affiliate Membership:
Any company that offers investigative related products or services.

Membership begins on January 1 and expires on December 31 of each year. Membership is $100 dollars annually. Members may advertise a company logo on the NSPI website for an additional $100 annually.

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