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In January 2000, six private investigators came together and formed the Society of Nevada Professional Investigators. Those founders were Andrea Boggs, Richard Franky, Peter Maheu, Sam Nixon, Richard T. Smith and Dick Wiese.

The goal was to form a society that would self police the industry, work hand in hand with the State of Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board, confront unlicensed activity, educate its members regarding private investigator’s matters, safeguard the general public, lobby, and set a higher professional standard among fellow Private Investigators in the State of Nevada.

• Among the various accomplishments of the Nevada Society of Professional Investigators includes having the State of Nevada implement video teleconferencing of the Private Investigators Licensing Board’s quarterly meetings. Before that occurred, NSPI had to fly a Board Member to Carson City to participate in the meetings.

• The NSPI was instrumental in the revision for the new PILB examination, supplying a sample of 600 questions and answers from various law enforcement tests.

• NSPI has lobbied to maintain standards to not exclude certain professions that fall under Nevada Revised Statute 648, insuring better protection for the citizens of Nevada.

• Members of the Board have testified before the Nevada State Assembly and Nevada State Senate on matters of proposed changes to Nevada legislation.

• The NSPI successfully lobbied to have questionable Lie Detection procedures eliminated from NRS 648.

• Lobbied the PILB to issue a $2,500 citation on the first confirmed instance of unlicensed activity rather than issuing a cease and desist letter




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